Chronicle your child’s first years in a personalized online baby journal

Kidmondo lets you record your child’s stories and milestones in a personalized online baby journal while easily sharing it with friends and family in a safe environment.

Capturing your child’s exciting first years just became easy, fast and fun!

Available in English, Español and Italiano.

Kidmondo has all the tools you need

to create a lasting keepsake of your child’s early years:

  • Online Diary
    To fill with stories, anecdotes, images, milestones and more.
  • Photo and video gallery
    Capture and organize their precious moments.
  • Growth charts
    Track your child’s height, weight and dental growth.
  • About page
    A profile page that grows with your child.
  • Update from anywhere
    Email stories & photos from anywhere to easily update your child’s journal.
  • Medical journal
    Store and update medical records of doctor visits and immunizations.
  • Food journal
    Monitor your child’s diet and remember those messy meals.
  • Interactive timeline
    View your child’s life at a glance and see all they have accomplished.
  • Safe and secure sharing
    Keep your friends and family updated.
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Best of both worlds – digital to print

Kidmondo also let’s you turn your online journal into a beautifully printed ‘Kidbook.’ Now you can have the best of both worlds – a safe and easy way to record their babies’ precious moments through the Kidmondo site and the option to print these memories into a wonderful book that they can keep forever. Learn more »


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Kidmondo has been featured in the BBC, NY Times, Springwise, Cookie, UrbanBaby, Kiwi, Mashable, Ohdeedoh, 37 Signals, Cool Mom Picks, Working Mother and more. What people are saying:

  • The Easiest Way to Keep a Baby Book.
    Cookie Magazine
  • Kidmondo is the baby book 2.0
    Cool Mom Picks
  • If we may say so ourselves, it is a real pleasure to use.
  • If your baby book is still blank, this may be the way to finally write down the details of that first haircut.

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Kidmondo was founded by a couple in New York City, who – after the birth of their second child – couldn’t find an compelling way to chronicle and share news about their kids with family and friends around the world.

In the process of creating Kidmondo, the initial idea of a basic online baby journal expanded into a unique destination, where all the child information is stored and organized in a simple and accessible way.

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